The Approach

It's about you.  How you feel in the skin you're in.  It's about the daily stresses of life and how they affect you.  We all need to take some time to Relax·Rejuvenate·Renew.   Then we can take on the world with a sense of balance and peace.  The Reset Room offers advanced technologies to protect and renew your skin, while you enjoy the experience. So you can emerge feeling a supreme sense of wellness.

skincare specialist

Meet Your Skincare Specialist

Ernestine Rivera found that she loved assisting in the education of her cosmetology peers in up and coming trends, and furthering their advancing product knowledge since 2012. Having education in advanced skin care, she specializes in all skin types, but finds Floridians have a prevalent need for hydration and sun protection. Ernestine prides herself with ensuring her services leave guests not only relaxed, but also knowledgeable in their at-home routine with products sure to reveal improvement in their skin between her professional services.

Pairing her knowledge and ability to educate with her affinity towards skincare, Ernestine channels that knowledge to every client, helping them see results with the most effective technology.

Ernestine Rivera

Skin specialist in The Villages

Skincare Specialist