Take some time for yourself.   Life tends to keep you busy with things to do and before you know it, time just slips away.  Put yourself first and enjoy a little pampering, while taking care of your skin.


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Emerge from your service feeling a sense of wellness and appreciation for yourself.  Taking the time to care for yourself, helps you take on your life with a renewed sense of focus and wellbeing.

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Premier's mission is to provide effective skincare by combining the wisdom of nature, the secrets of the Dead Sea, and the advancement of science. Premier Dead Sea has taken all the magic from the Dead Sea and the world's best skin care scientists to bottle up the wisdom of nature and advances of technology in order to deliver harmonious and synergetic benefits to your skin and life.

Our philosophy is run on the principle that nature and science combined make luxurious skincare with luxurious results. Premier Dead Sea prides itself in the effective treatments and quality that has been recognized over the years for innovation. These treatments have been renowned for their abilities to rejuvenate and renew.

24H Quartz Gem Collection

The Quartz Gem collection is an enchanting skincare line that takes the power of the rose quartz gemstone and wonderful florals to lift and illuminate your skin. Scientists have manipulated rose quartz powder to stimulate a lifting effect on skin while alpine rose stem cells and the botanically derived liposome complex deliver ingredients that awaken the senses and rejuvenate skin for a youthful-looking glow. Opulent rose quartz powder particles rub and react to transform skin into something that glows.

24H Quartz Collection
Skincare specialists

GRATIAE Organic Beauty By Nature

When you look for organic and natural skin care GRATiAE is your perfect choice. We present the perfect combination between science and nature with products that comprise the best of nature and the most advanced scientific research. We specify oils and plant extracts and fuse them with the Gratiae Thermo mineral water to reach optimum results.
We also combine the ancient knowledge of plants, herbs and oils, the values of natural organic farming, and modern day technologies to create the winning formulas of GRATiAE.

The Gratiae Renewing Collection

Activate a glowing youthful appearance!  This collection concentrates on tightening pores, evening skin tones, nourishing the skin and softening the texture of your skin.  Full of anti-oxidants, collagen and elastin serums, your skin will love this product!

Renewing Collection